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Kandy Real Time Communications Tour

25 Oct Real Time Communications Tour

This was definitely the first WebRTC tour bus I had ever seen, but I have to admit it sounded like a pretty good way to tour the United States. While at the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Real Time Communications conference in Chicago this October, I had a chance to meet with Paul Pluschkell, founder of – a WebRTC platform for unified communications. Paul took some time in this video to explain Kandy to me and talk about the cross-country RV tour they’ve been on to explain WebRTC to companies around the US.

Interview with during IIT RTC Conference in Chicago from arinsime on Vimeo.

Below are a few quotes from Paul during the video, but make sure you give it a listen to learn more. We took the video at the IIT conference, and pulled in a few video clips from the showcase videos on so you can see the product as well.

What is

“Kandy is a communications platform as a service, the whole idea was that people don’t need another vertical stack of UC – you really want to have your communications in context with your workflow … we’re trying to have seamless communications embedded in context.”

About the Real Time Communications Tour

“How do you stand out in such a crowded world and showcase something that’s truly disruptive? We decided to go out to the people … we don’t get 5% of the company to come out, we get the whole company to come out and the C level audience … I literally sat in here with them for about 6 hours showing them what we can do for their clients with Kandy.” and Developers

“We are trying to please developers that can create outcomes … we have a developer platform with javascript that is very well documented and easy to use. Our mobile platforms for iOS and Android take into account things like battery life … we’re trying to make your lives easier so that you can do outcomes and have innovation on top of our platform … we’ve had 15 million users in our first year as Kandy and 55 million users on our applications.”

What differentiates

“We certainly didn’t set out to be another Twilio. Here’s what differentiates us… we have world class API and carrier class, but more importantly we offer reference applications. You can whitelabel our fring application which was built on Kandy and whitelable it at no cost, and just pay per user as you go … When you’re using Kandy, you’re not only using the toolkit, we’re also giving you reference applications that get you going in the market quicker.”

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