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12 Jul RealTimeWeekly Show

On this Episode of the RealTimeWeekly Show, founder Varun Singh joined us for a live webinar about WebRTC Analytics!

Varun Singh, CEO and co-founder of Callstats.ioVarun and his team have built, which allows for Analytics and Optimizations for WebRTC media streams. You can “Detect, Diagnose, and Deploy fixes in real-time.”

Since their customers use callstats to gather statistics across many thousands of WebRTC calls, Varun has unique insight into WebRTC quality across many applications and WebRTC application providers.

Varun shared with us some of the insights they have learned about call quality and error rates in WebRTC calls, and best practices for building your WebRTC applications!

RealTimeWeekly Show #2: WebRTC Analytics with
Recorded on Tuesday July 26 2016

RealTimeWeekly Show (Ep2) – WebRTC Analytics with Varun Singh of from arinsime on Vimeo.

You can also watch this episode on Youtube.

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