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RealTimeWeekly #216


12 Feb RealTimeWeekly #216

Real Time Weekly: February 12th 2018

Welcome to RealTimeWeekly! 
This week we’ve got many tutorials about WebRTC and Realtime development. This time we want to thank Alessandro Alinone for sharing his blog post about mobile push notifications with Lightstreamer Server 7.0.

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This week’s Real-Time news

Mobile Push Notifications with Lightstreamer Server 7.0 and Client SDKs 4.0

JAN 11, 2018
An overview to the new Lightstreamer’s APIs, with code examples and use cases for both Objective-C and Java.

Learn How to Build a Video Conference App (and not die trying)!

Feb 1, 2018
Important things you need to take into account before start building a successful WebRTC video conference application.

Build Simple Phone Verification with Twilio, Python, and Authy

Feb 1, 2018
A simple guide to implement phone verification with Twilio using Python, Flask, and the Authy Phone Verification API.

3D Video Calling with Matrix, WebRTC and WebVR at FOSDEM 2018!

Feb 5, 2018
Matrix has built a proof-of-concept for FOSDEM of the world’s first 3D video calling using Matrix and the iPhone X.

How to Host a Python and Flask Facebook Messenger Bot on Heroku

Feb 6, 2018
A tutorial of how to migrate a Facebook Messenger bot from being run on Ngrok to Heroku.

OpenTok version 2.13: What’s new and how you can use it

Feb 7, 2018
Tokbox ha recently released Opentok v2.13. On this blog post you’ll an overview of the new features and fixed issues.