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RealTimeWeekly #215


05 Feb RealTimeWeekly #215

Real Time Weekly: February 5th 2018

Welcome to RealTimeWeekly! 
Another week full of tutorials about WebRTC and Realtime development. Thanks so much to Walmyr Filho for sharing his blog post about Protractor tests on Video chat apps.

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This week’s Real-Time news

How to run Protractor tests for a video conference web application

Walmyr Filho
JAN 19, 2018
A great trick to do test automation for WebRTC video calls with Protractor in order to simulate a fake camera and mic on both Chrome and Firefox.

Add screen sharing to your Twilio Video application

JAN 28, 2018
Want to embed Video chat and Screen Sharing with Twilio? This tutorial is for you.

WebRTC Electron Implementations are on fire

Tsahi Levent-Levi,
JAN 29, 2018
Many vendors started to use Electron and WebRTC to build their desktop apps.

The Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Android Geolocation Tracking

JAN 29, 2018
Combining the Google Maps API and PubNub for realtime tracking of Android device location

How to Create an Audio Oscillator With the Web Audio API

JAN 30, 2018
A demo of how to use the Web Audio API to display in a graph the audio frequency.

Broadcast live video chat sessions to YouTube

JAN 30, 2018
How you can easily do broadcasting to YouTube with Vidyo.

Build a Cryptocurrency Price Tracker in 5 Minutes

JAN 30, 2018
Building a dashboard to track the pricing updates in realtime and provide a historical view of changes with PubNub.

Build an IVR with Twilio Studio

JAN 31, 2018
A guide to build an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) with Twilio Studio