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RealTimeWeekly #211


08 Jan RealTimeWeekly #211

Real Time Weekly: January 8th 2017

Welcome to the first RealTimeWeekly of 2018! 
We took a couple of weeks off for holidays, and now we’re back with more tutorials and tech articles on real time development.
Thank you all of you for your continuous feedback on the last year and for all the links you sent us to share with our community.
Because for us, this is a community, not just a newsletter. So we’re always hoping to receive your emails with links, suggestions, or any comment.
Wish you a great new year!

As always, if you have tips, event announcements, or suggestions, please contact me directly at

Thanks for reading!
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This week’s Real-Time news

Building a mobile video chat app for iOS using Swift

DEC 15, 2017 framework is compatible with Swift. With this blog post you can learn how to build a video chat app for iOS using Swift. 

Build a Serverless Remote-Controlled Lego Robot with Twilio Sync and Runtime

DEC 15, 2017
Using Twilio Sync for IoT, that is in Developer Preview, you can connect to devices and control them remotely in real time.

Build a Santa Bot with Twilio Studio

DEC 19, 2017
How to create a SMS chatbot using Twilio Studio with zero code.

The Amazon CloudFront CDN Shaved Off Up To 50% of Our Recorder Client Loading Time

DEC 19, 2017
The Pipe Recorder is now available through the Amazon CDN improving the loading time up to 50%. Learn here what you need to change to switch to the CDN.

Sample applications for using OpenTok.js

I’ve found this repository a bit late but it’s worth to take a look. These are sample apps to integrate OpenTok with Angular, Electron, React, Vue.js, and more.

WebRTC Live Q&A Session #21

Dec 21 2016
The WebRTC standards team held another webinar last December 21st, and you can see the recording here.

All I want for Christmas is Hangouts to use WebRTC on Firefox

DEC 21, 2017
Bravo! Hangouts is now supported in Firefox. In this article you will see a deep technical comparison between how it works under Firefox and Chrome.

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