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RealTimeWeekly #210


18 Dec RealTimeWeekly #210

Real Time Weekly: Dec 18th 2017

Hello everyone!
In this week’s issue we have several WebRTC articles for you. We have a video-chat demo app from WebRTC.Ventures using Websockets, an article from Twilio to receive SMS notifications using AWS Lambda and Twilio API, another one about image classification with deep learning, and many more.

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Thanks for reading!
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This week’s Real-Time news

Exploring Facial Recognition with WebRTC

DEC 7, 2017
These guys have been experimenting with WebRTC and Facial recognition using Microsoft’s Cognitive Services and BRFv4. Very nice!

[Demo] WebRTC Video Call over Websockets

DEC 7, 2017
A demo of how a WebRTC video call works with Websockets.

Should You Build a Native or Web-Based Video Chat Application?

DEC 8, 2017
Pros and cons of developing a WebRTC based app for Native and Web platforms.

Automated SMS Notifications with AWS Lambda, JavaScript and Twilio SMS

DEC 8, 2017
A tutorial to create a serverless app to receive SMS notifications using AWS Lambda and Twilio SMS API.

Image classification with Keras and deep learning

DEC 11, 2017
This blog post is the part two of a three-part series of building a ‘Not Santa’ deep learning classifier.

How to integrate REST API, Part 1: Signaling state changes

DEC 12, 2017
The first part of this blog series about PeerConnection state changes in WebRTC. This one describes the transitions of signaling state.

Game on! Learn how to add OpenTok live video chat to Unity

DEC 13, 2017
How you can integrate the OpenTok SDK into a Unity-powered game targeted to the Windows platform, using the recently released Opentok Windows SDK.

[PODCAST] What’s new in the world of WebRTC

The Web Platform Podcast
DEC 13, 2017
Chad Hart gives a great overview of WebRTC to getting started on this technology.

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