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RealTimeWeekly #199


02 Oct RealTimeWeekly #199

Real Time Weekly: Oct 2nd 2017

Welcome to RealTimeWeekly! 
This week we’ve got a number of interesting WebRTC and Realtime articles for you.
We have a blog post about Asterisk using SFU, another one about WebRTC integrated with IBM Watson, other about Twilio Video’s API, Angular tutorials, and more!
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Thanks for reading!
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This week’s Real-Time news

Asterisk 15: Multi-stream Media and SFU

Sep 20, 2017
Asterisk 15 now handles multi-stream using the SFU architecture improving the media flow.

How to build a WebRTC Gateway and integrate IBM Watson Speech-to-Text services

Sep 21, 2017
“This ‘how-to’ will be a step-by-step guide on building a WebRTC service that interacts with IBM Watson.”

Real-Time Server Monitoring App With Angular 4, NodeJS & Chart.Js

Sep 21, 2017
A tutorial of how to build a realtime server monitoring app with Angular 4, NodeJS and Chart.Js

Plotly Goes Realtime with PubNub and Node.js

Sep 22, 2017
“This tutorial is a quick and easy example of Realtime Updates using PubNub to stream updates and display the change in a live-updating chart.”

Laravel and Twilio: Group Video Chat

Sep 25, 2017
Good tutorial of how to create a WebRTC group video chat app using Twilio’s Video API in a Laravel environment.

Realtime Cart using React

Sep 25, 2017
Great tutorial of how to develop a realtime Cart for ecommerce websites using React and deepstreamHub integration to the popular TokBox/OpenTok platform
Sep 27, 2017 development team has open sourced a shim for the integration of Opentok.js and

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