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RealTimeWeekly #196


11 Sep RealTimeWeekly #196

Real Time Weekly: Sept 11th 2017

Welcome to RealTimeWeekly! 
This week we’ve got a number of interesting Realtime and WebRTC articles for you. 
We have a firebase tutorial using Angular, another one about adding push notifications to a Ionic app, great WebRTC readings, and more!
I’m also sharing one more time the Survey from that will let you know at the end what are the challenges that WebRTC developers are facing nowadays.

As always, if you have tips, event announcements, or suggestions, please contact me directly at

Thanks for reading!
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This week’s Real-Time news

LiveSwitch and FreeSWITCH – Part 1

Aug 24, 2017
A step by step tutorial of how to create and manage MCU, SFU, and peer connections and all in one web-based application using FreeSWITCH and LiveSwitch.

[SPONSORED] Survey: Calling All WebRTC Developers

Aug 30, 2017
With this survey we’d like to learn more about the challenges you face as a WebRTC developer, and what you’re seeing in the WebRTC marketplace.

Connecting SMS To Slack With Twilio and Zapier

Sep 1, 2017
With this tutorial you’ll learn how to wire up a Twilio number to a Slack channel using Zapier.

Red5 Pro – Authenticating Connections

Sep 1, 2017
A demonstration of live streaming authentication for WebRTC and iOS using the Red5 Pro SDKs.

Adding notification to your Ionic app using the realtime framework (

Sep 1, 2017
A tutorial of how to add push notifications to an existing Ionic app using the realtime framework.

Why Developing With WebRTC is Different than VoIP Development?

Tsahi Levent-Levi,
Sep 4, 2017
Great article from a VoIP developer explaining what are the differences between developing with WebRTC and developing with VoIP. 

Tic-Toc Tic-Toc…The Time of WebRTC Mobile Support Has Come!

Sep 5, 2017
Good reading about the benefits of WebRTC mobile support

Firebase in Angular Applications

8-firebasein angular
Programming with Mosh
Sep 6, 2017
This tutorial teaches you how to build real-time apps with Firebase and Angular. 

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