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RealTimeWeekly #194

4-callstatsnad sip

28 Aug RealTimeWeekly #194

Real Time Weekly: August 28th 2017

Welcome to RealTimeWeekly! 
This week we’ve got a number of interesting WebRTC and Real time articles for you. 
We’ve got one from Vidyo about how to customize video layouts, another tutorial about how to integrate Callstats with SIP.js, and one video tutorial for beginners about how to get the video stream from the browser using the getUserMedia API. Check out the rest of the links as well!

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Thanks for reading!
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This week’s Real-Time news

How to Prepare Your WebRTC Application for a Surge in Traffic

1-surge traffic
Aug 17, 2017
Very useful tips about things you need to consider to prepare your WebRTC application in advance for growth.

Customizing Group Video Chat Layouts

Aug 17, 2017
Vidyo allows you to choose the right video layout for your scenario. This blog post will explain how to achieve a custom layout.

ntroduction to getUserMedia

Jad Joubran – YouTube
Aug 20, 2017
For Beginners: How to use WebRTC getUserMedia API to get the video stream from the browser.

Build and Manage WebRTC Applications with SIP.js and

4-callstatsnad sip
Aug 21, 2017
How to integrate and SIP.js in order to monitor and analyze the performance of WebRTC apps

HTTP/2 Server Push with Node.js

Aug 21, 2017
An overview to HTTP/2 Server Push with examples in Node.js

Build a secure chat web app with JavaScript, Auth0 and Pusher

Aug 22, 2017
How to use Auth0 and Pusher to build a real time web chat application in Javascript.

How To Build A Realtime Commenting System with Rails

Aug 23, 2017
A tutorial of how to build a real time commenting system with rails using pubnub.

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