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RealTimeWeekly #185

26 Jun RealTimeWeekly #185

Real Time Weekly: June 26th 2017

Hi everyone! this week we’ve got two great articles to learn more about Safari’s support in WebRTC.
We have also got content from Janus and their new implementation of VP9 SVC, PubNub, live coding tutorials, and a good article from showing how to integrate their SDK with Angular. Enjoy!

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Thanks for reading!
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This week’s Real-Time news

Build a GraphQL Server with Node.js

Ben Awad,
June 14, 2017
Live coding video to setup a GraphQL Server with Node.js walking through the hole process.

Cross Platform WebRTC Browser Testing: Chrome, Firefox, Edge & Safari

Philipp Hancke,
June 14, 2017
Tutorial of how to do a cross platform browser testing using Selenium Grid.

Real Time Chat App Using Socket.IO and ExpressJS Part-1

June 16, 2017
First video of this tutorial to learn how to build a real-time chat app using Socket.IO and ExpressJS.

Using AngularJS and WebRTC to Build a Group Video Chat App on
Sachin Hegde,
June 16, 2017
Good tutorial of how to add to your AngularJS Web App.

Safari Technical Preview 33 – The most WebRTC-Compliant Browser out there?

June 16, 2017
How to get, install and test a webrtc-enabled Safari, and an interesting comparison between Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

Reeling in Safari on WebRTC – A Closer Look at What’s Supported

Chad Hart,
June 19, 2017
Super complete and detailed article about what Safari supports in WebRTC.

Turning IoT Sensor Data into Visualizations with Ubidots and PubNub Functions

June 20, 2017
How to manage data between PubNub and Ubidots using the customized PubNub BLOCK.

Availability of Chrome interoperable VP9 SVC in Janus, a Meetecho / CoSMo collaboration!

June 20, 2017
Janus has released an experimental patch to support VP9 SVC in the VideoRoom plugin, which means that this plugin can receive SVC video from publishers, and selectively forward all or part of that video to subscribers.

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