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RealTimeWeekly #170


13 Mar RealTimeWeekly #170

Real Time Weekly: March 13th 2017

This week we’ve got interesting articles about HTTP/2 that is getting more and more popular. We have also tutorials from Pubnub and Pusher, and finally the big announcement from the TokBox Team about the new support of RTMP allowing their customers to publish video and audio to YouTube, Facebook Live and more!

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This week’s Real-Time news

Hacking Slack using postMessage and WebSocket-reconnect to steal your precious token

Frans Rosén,
February 28, 2017
A code walkthrough showing how Frans Rosén was able to find a bug in Slack using WebSockets. Finally Slack fixed the bug and payed him $3,000!

Optimize with HTTP/2 Server Push and Service Workers!

Daniela Matos de Carvalho,
March 1, 2017
Check out this complete article about Server Push using HTTP/2 that allows the server to send data to the client without the client requesting it optimizing your website load.

TokBox Extends Reach of Interactive Broadcast to Millions

Puneet Shetty,
March 2, 2017
Very nice! OpenTok has added RTMP support allowing directly streaming to YouTube Live, Facebook Live and others video platforms.

Using Vert.x to Connect the Browser to a Message Queue

Dave Taubler,
March 5, 2017
This nice tutorial explains how to enable a web client to listen for events and react to them using Vert.x, Javascript and WebSockets.

New in Symfony 3.3: Asset preloading with HTTP/2 Push

Javier Eguiluz,
March 6, 2017
HTTP/2 Push support for preloading web assets (CSS, JS, images) has been added in Symfony 3.3.

Building a Multiplayer Hangman Game for iOS in Swift

Emma Rose Wirshing,
March 7, 2017
Another interesting tutorial from PubNub about how to create a multiplayer game, this time for iOS in Swift.

How to build an activity feed with Laravel and Pusher

March 6, 2017
A tutorial explaining how to setup a pusher account and integrate it to a Laravel project to build an activity feed.

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