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RealTimeWeekly #167


20 Feb RealTimeWeekly #167

Real Time Weekly: Feb 20th 2017

This is my last RealTimeWeekly as your humble editor, but I’m excited to announce that Germán Goldenstein is taking over the editorship of RealTimeWeekly starting next week!  You’ll see the emails coming from him now, and you’re welcome to send any articles or announcements to him at

Thanks for reading!
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This week’s Real-Time news

News flash: Ably is no longer a pub/sub messaging platform, long live pub/sub!

Matthew O’Riordan,
February 7, 2017 has launched Reactor Queues, a service that provides a scalable way to stream realtime data.

What’s New With Lightstreamer 6.1

February 10, 2017
We are very excited to announce general availability of Lightstreamer Server 6.1, which includes many new features and improvements.

SIGNAL 2017: Ahoy, World!

February 10, 2017
Twilio has launched SIGNAL 2017, happening on May 24th & 25th at Pier 27 in San Francisco. We’re going to be there for sure!

Messaging with RabbitMQ in Node.js

Tomas Kirda,
February 13, 2017
Tomas Kirda explains how the message queue approach using RabbitMQ brings benefits when building Node.js applications that need to scale.

The 3 Schools of Thought for Creating a WebRTC App

Tsahi Levent-Levi,
February 13, 2017
Different people think differently when it comes to creating WebRTC apps (obvious? maybe).

Introducing Video Chat Embed: Easiest Way to Demo the OpenTok Platform

February 14, 2017
TokBox announces Video Chat Embeds, a quick and easy way to create a demo app for web only with up to three participants.

Chrome’s WebRTC VP9 SVC Layer Cake: Sergio Garcia Murillo & Gustavo Garcia

Sergio Garcia Murillo,
February 14, 2017
An excellent and detailed article that covers VP9 SVC in Chrome for multi-party video calls.

How to Build Your First Slack Bot in 5 Minutes using PHP

Ricky Robinett,
February 14, 2017
A nice tutorial for creating a Slack bot using the Twilio Lookup API and PHP.

Moving #RTC into the Cloud | @CloudExpo #IoT #M2M #AI #UCaaS #WebRTC

9-WebRTC Summit New York 468
Rich Defabritus,
February 16, 2017
“Five Reasons to Move Real-Time Communications into the Cloud”

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