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RealTimeWeekly #164


30 Jan RealTimeWeekly #164

Real Time Weekly: Jan 30th 2017

The big news last week in the WebRTC world is the release of’s new API, and we have a tutorial from Vidyo on building an iOS chat app. We’ve also got content on Janus, TURN servers, and testing WebRTC.

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This week’s Real-Time news

How to Build a Mobile Video Chat App for iOS in Minutes

Philip Futernik, blog
Jan 24 2017 just released their webrtc api, and this video walks you through building an iOS app with their API.

Keep your TURN servers close

Philipp Hancke,
Jan 20 2017
Quick post showing the impact of having your TURN server regionally located close to your traffic. Yes, it’s a good idea.

Correlating information from Janus event handlers

3-meetecho blog
Lorenzo Miniero, MeetEcho
Jan 20 2017
Additional information on how to use event handlers in Janus to correlate things with like transport information or user connections

3 Synchronization techniques to test WebRTC at scale

Tsahi Levent-Levi, testRTC
Jan 25 2017
Different scenarios for how you can test larger WebRTC calls in an automated fashion with WebRTC.

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