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RealTimeWeekly #163


23 Jan RealTimeWeekly #163

Real Time Weekly: Nov 7th 2016

The fun post of the week award goes to Hélio Dolores, whose post shows how to use Websockets to build a magic trick into the browser. The other articles this week on WebRTC, RabbitMQ, and media codecs may not be as magical, but they’re all still worth a read!

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This week’s Real-Time news

Troubleshooting RabbitMQ and Microservices That Use It

Micahel Klishin, InfoQ
Jan 14, 2017 
Debugging Java, Spring, and RabbitMQ

Making Magic with WebSockets and CSS3

Hélio Dolores, OutSystems Engineering
Jan 10 2017
Cool application of websockets to deal playing cards from a phone to a desktop browser, definitely a fun and creative project.

Webinar: Sending DTMF in WebRTC the standard way

WebRTC Standards
Jan 23 2017
The WebRTC Standards team is hosting their next webinar soon.  They will present on DTMF but as always will be taking your questions on any WebRTC standards topic.

Analysing Opus media from network traces

Giacomo Vacca
Jan 15 2017
Extracting the audio from a pcap trace to verify audio quality.

WebRTC, Asterisk and Chrome 57

Dan Jenkins, Nimble Ape
Jan 19 2017
“An upcoming change in Chrome 57 (currently Chrome Dev) will see your WebRTC application fail if it relies on Asterisk to be a webRTC gateway.”

WebRTC is FREE. But Developers Aren’t

Tsahi Levent-Levi,
Jan 16 2017
Admittedly I’m biased since I own a software development company specializing in WebRTC development, and we can’t afford to work for free. :-). But I like how Tsahi presents what parts of WebRTC are free, and what parts (namely development), are not.

WebRTC impacts on battery life

Chris Kranky
Jan 12 2017
Chris gives some estimates of how hardware acceleration and video codes affect mobile battery life.

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