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RealTimeWeekly #161


09 Jan RealTimeWeekly #161

Real Time Weekly: Jan 9th 2017

Welcome back to RealTimeWeekly and a new year!  Let’s get right into another year of the latest and greatest tutorials and tech articles on real time development.

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This week’s Real-Time news

Slack Does WebRTC Video – Here’s How

Gustavo Garcia, webrtcH4cKS
Dec 15 2016
Slack added video to their calls feature in December, and this article gives a quick tech analysis of what they’re up to.

Streaming Calls to a Browser with Voice WebSockets

Sam Machin, Nexmo
Dec 19 2016
Using the Nexmo voice API to stream audio from a conference call to the browser and play it back with the Web Audio API.

Architecture of Slack, Using MySql, Edge Caching, & the Backend Messaging Server

Podcast with Keith Adams by Wesley Reisz, InfoQ
Dec 16 2016
Keith Adams is Chief Architect at Slack, and in this podcast he discusses their architecture as well as tradeoffs between availability, consistency, and latency.

WebRTC: the future of web games

Getkey blog
Dec 27 2016
A quick discussion of why you might want to use the WebRTC data channel in gaming.

Screen recording on Android with getUserMedia and WebRTC

Paul Kinlan
Dec 16 2016
Getting the screen stream on Android and recording it locally or sharing it via WebRTC.

Playing with event handlers in Janus: a practical example

Lorenzo Miniero, Meet Echo
Dec 22 2016
Using event handlers in Janus to get access to data about the media streams.

The Best WebRTC Security is Prone to the Stupidest Developer

Tsahi Levent-Levi,
Dec 19 2016
An excellent reminder from Tsahi that WebRTC is not going to solve all your security problems.  WebRTC has some inherent security advantages, but you still need to build a lot of security around it.

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