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RealTimeWeekly #158


05 Dec RealTimeWeekly #158

Real Time Weekly: Dec 5th 2016

Automated testing, Automatic Reconnects, ICE Connection status, and Media recording in WebRTC are all included in this week’s issue!  Plus you can learn how to remove all that profanity in your text chat app automagically.

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This week’s Real-Time news

Detect and Filter Profanity in a Realtime Chat App

Josh Marinacci, PubNub
Nov 16 2016
Integrating the Neutrino API into PubNub’s BLOCKS for detection and filtering in a text chat app. 

Introducing Automatic Reconnection on the OpenTok Platform

Puneet Shetty, Tokbox
Nov 17 2016
Reconnections are important in video calls, since you might lose internet connectivity due to an outage or switching between wifi and cellular networks. Tokbox has added a feature to do this reconnection automatically.

The importance of dealing with flaky tests

Walmyr Filho,
Nov 14 2016
Automated testing is important in any application, and WebRTC apps are no exception.  Sometimes those tests may not be reliable however and can trigger false negatives. Walmyr describes how they deal with this at and have failed tests reexecute a set number of times before declaring a failure.

ICE connected or not…

Nils Ohlmeier, Mozilla
Nov 17 2016
Nils talks about how Firefox 49 includes support for detecting if your ICE transport layer is not working.

Implementing WebRTC Screen Sharing in a web app, late 2016

Chris Ward, Locus video conferencing
Nov 16 2016
A nice summary of how to implement screen sharing for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

10 considerations for running WebRTC services on AWS

Gerald Baldino, NetworkWorld
Nov 22 2016
Gerald Baldino from Temasys shares WebRTC hosting considerations

WebRTC, TURN and Geolocation. How to Pick the Best Server to Work With?

Tsahi Levent-Levi,
Nov 29 2016
To reduce latency in your WebRTC application, you should route users to the closest available TURN server when media needs to be relayed. Tsahi offers ideas on how to determine a user’s location and route to the best server.

WebRTC Live Q&A Session #10

WebRTC Standards team
Nov 28 2016
Recording of last week’s webinar on WebRTC Standards, which included a discussion of recording media streams.

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