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RealTimeWeekly #154


07 Nov RealTimeWeekly #154

Real Time Weekly: Nov 7th 2016

We’ve got some interesting WebRTC discussions in this week’s issue, with articles on WebRTC basics, as well as test automation, congestion control, codecs and ICE restarts!

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This week’s Real-Time news

Getting Started with WebRTC and Test Driven Development

Cold Brew
Oct 25 2016
Thorough tech tutorial on setting up your first WebRTC app and using Cold Brew for test automation.

Schemes for Multimedia Congestion Control in RTC

Balazs Kreith, Lasse Lumiaho, Varun Singh,
Nov 1 2016
Implementing congestion control for multimedia at the sender and receiver.

Step-By-Step Implementation of Video Conference using WebRTC

Nataliia Kharchenko, Script Tutorials
Nov 1 2016
Good overview of WebRTC and some example code

ICE restarts (again)

Philipp Hancke,
“Ice restarts are essential for running a WebRTC service. But how well do they work and do we need to push browser vendors for further improvements?”

Opus/G.711 Transcoding For The Practical Man

Giacomo Vacca
Oct 29 2016
The Opus codec and Freeswitch, for those interested in audio codecs and telephony.

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