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RealTimeWeekly #156


21 Nov RealTimeWeekly #156

Real Time Weekly: Nov 21st 2016

Greetings from Brazil, where I am attending the WebRTC show tomorrow.  Check out their site for live streams of the event, including an intro to WebRTC talk by my colleague Germán Goldenstein.  Last Friday was the KrankyGeek event in San Francisco, which was filled with interesting talks on WebRTC and mobile devices.  You can expect to hear more from both events in next week’s issue of RealTimeWeekly.  In this week’s issue, we have videos from another great conference, the TADSummit that was in Lisbon, Portugal last week.  There are also other articles on WebRTC and WebSockets below.

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This week’s Real-Time news

Mad Science, WebTorrent, & WebRTC

ChangeLog Podcast
Nov 11 2016
An interesting interview with Feross Aboukhadijeh, the founder of PeerCDN, a WebRTC based service (since bought by Yahoo) that allowed for Peer to Peer content delivery networks. The conversation ranges widely, but there are some interesting bits on WebRTC in there.

How to Build a WebSocket Multi-Client Chat using Ionic and Node.JS

Mark Winterbottom,
Oct 2016
A thorough tutorial on websocket based chat development using the Ionic Framework.

TAD Summit Lisbon 2016 Videos

Telecom Application Developers Summit
Nov 2016
Playlist of the live streams from last week’s global Telecom App Developer’s summit in Lisbon, Portugal.  It’s technical talks as well as hackathon demos.

FRACTaL: Flexible and Adaptive FEC for RTP Congestion Control

Lasse Lumiaho, Balazs Kreith, Marcin Nagy, Varun Singh,
Nov 14 2016
More from Callstats on error correction and congestion control in media streams.

ICE connected or not…

Nils Ohlmeier, Mozilla
Nov 17 2016
Details from the Firefox team on how they are notifying your code sooner when ICE connections fail, so you can reconnect faster.

Virtual Healthcare Triage Demo

David Alfaro,
Nov 15 2016
Pardon the plug, but I have to mention specifically my business partner’s presentation at the TADSummit last week.  Here he talks about multichannel bot concepts in healthcare, based on a hack our team did at a TADHack in New York City recently.

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