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RealTimeWeekly #155


14 Nov RealTimeWeekly #155

Real Time Weekly: Nov 14th 2016

In this week’s issue you can check out some great new talks from WebRTC Boston, and other content on Speech to Text, WebRTC, WebSockets and more!  Next week is the KrankyGeek WebRTC show in San Francisco, and then in Brazil the following week.  Maybe I’ll see you in person at one of those events?

As always, if you have tips, event announcements, or suggestions, please contact me directly at

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This week’s Real-Time news

WebRTC Boston #4 Videos

WebRTC Boston
Nov 2016
The latest Boston WebRTC meetup included startups talking about WebRTC and Computer Vision, WebRTC in Healthcare, interactive experiences, optimizing RTC for distributed teams, and a startup panel discussion.  Some very interesting videos, now all posted to the WebRTC Boston youtube channel.

Desktop browsers support in WebRTC – a reality check

Tsahi Levent-Levi,
Nov 7 2016
Some interesting observations on the age-old debate if Safari or Internet Explorer/Edge really matter on desktop browsers.

Overview of Dictation in Realtime Web Applications

Sunny Gleason, PubNub
Nov 7 2016
Adding speech-to-text to a realtime AngularJS web application with JavaScript and PubNub for your own Echo/Siri experience.  GetUserMedia/WebRTC used for voice capture.

Chaos Socket Project

zzarcon on GitHub
Nov 2016
A project to allow you to send pre-configured websocket messages and test your application’s socket interfaces.

Tracking an Anonymous Peer Using WebRTC

Guy A
Nov 1 2016
A playful post showing how to use WebRTC to detect someone’s local IP address.  In this case it’s used to figure out who the anonymous spammer was in the office.

Controlling bandwidth usage in WebRTC (and how googSuspendBelowMinBitrate works)

Gustavo Garcia, RTCBits
Nov 4 2016
Normally we think about maximizing WebRTC video quality, but in this post Gustavo shows how to limit the bandwidth used in WebRTC so you don’t drain other resources.

How to Recover Lost Media Packets in WebRTC using Forward Error Correction

Lassie Lumiaho, Varun Singh of
Nov 9 2016
“This is a followup blog post to an earlier post on error resilience mechanisms for video. As mentioned in the previous blog post, there are multiple error resilience mechanisms that can be used to resolve issues with lost media packets. In this blog post, we will cover Forward Error Correction, which sends repair packets to automatically recover the lost packet.”

Register for WebRTC Live Q&A Session #10!

Nov 28 2016
The next WebRTC Standards interactive webinar is coming up.  The next webinar will include a presentation on Media Stream Recording, but as always, your questions on any WebRTC related topic are encouraged.

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