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RealTimeWeekly #153


31 Oct RealTimeWeekly #153

Real Time Weekly: Oct 31st 2016

WebRTC Boston just published some great talks from their recent meetup, and in addition to those, we have more content on streaming data, firebase, WebRTC, and more!

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This week’s Real-Time news

Traffic Data Monitoring Using IoT, Kafka and Spark Streaming

Amit Baghel, InfoQ
Sep 28 2016
Architectural discussion of IoT and connected cars, and all the streaming data that comes with that.

Using Firebase for Real-time Events on App Engine

Google Cloud Platform Blog
Oct 26 2016
Python and Java examples for tracking user moves in a two player game using Firebase as the real time engine.

Podcast: Frances Perry on Apache Beam

Software Engineering Radio Episode 272
Oct 25 2016
Frances Perry of Google Cloud Data Flow discusses stream processing architectures, including MapReduce, Lambda Architecture, and Dataflow.

A presence robot with Chromium, WebRTC, Raspberry Pi 3 and EasyRTC

Nice Cup of Tea blog
Oct 24 2016
A quick tutorial with how to configure you Pi to do WebRTC conferencing like a telepresence robot.

Mozilla’s Nils Ohlmeier about Firefox and WebRTC

Avaya Podcast Network
Oct 18 2016
Nils discusses WebRTC with Avaya at the IIT RTC conference.

Trends in Real-Time Communications

Lasse Lumiaho, Varun Singh
Oct 25 2016
The CallStats team discusses live streaming, broadcasting, video filters, bots, and more in the trends they see.

6 months of WebRTC in 10 Minutes

Chad Hart, WebRTC Boston
Oct 25 2016
“Chad Hart of webrtcHacks and Voxbone provides a market update on WebRTC to kick-off WebRTC Boston #4. Chad gives a quick background on WebRTC, talks about recent announcements, reviews browser support, discusses Microsoft, Safari, and standards status.”

Optimizing RTC for Distributed Teams

Nick Gauthier, WebRTC Boston
Oct 25 2016
“Nick Gauthier of MeetSpace talks to WebRTC Boston about how he optimized his WebRTC video collaboration implementation for low cost but voice quality first.”

Driving interactive experiences

Joe Monti, WebRTC Boston
Oct 25 2016
“Joe Monti talks about how he build and scaled FlexRTC for WebRTC Boston. He covers topics including Firebase, message synchronization, TURN servers, WebRTC Data Channel, and service monitoring.”

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