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RealTimeWeekly #152


24 Oct RealTimeWeekly #152


Real Time Weekly: Oct 24th 2016

Last week was a busy week for me as I attended the Illinois Institute of Tech Real Time Communications Conference, and some of our developers participated in the Global TADHack.  I’ll have some blog posts and videos up soon about both of those, but in the meantime, we have articles on the latest WebRTC Standards discussions, a couple interesting uses of the WebRTC data channel for P2P data exchange, Twilio, a Chat Bot, and streaming Big Data!

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This week’s Real-Time news

TADHack 2016 Winners

Alany Quayle, TADHack
Oct 16 2016
A complete list of the Global TADHack winners!

WebRTC Live Q&A Session #9

Oct 19 2016
Guess who showed up to the last WebRTC standards meeting in Lisbon? Apple! That and more standards knowledge in the recording of last week’s webinar.

Web2Web: Serverless Websites Powered by Torrents & Bitcoin

Ernesto Van der Sar,
Interesting security/privacy application of WebRTC, to build websites that can’t be taken down because it’s hosted on torrents and not a server.

How To Develop A Chat Bot With Node.js

Slobodan Stojanović, Smashing Magazine
Oct 17 2016
Building a Facebook Messenger Bot and Node.

Processing Real Time Big Data Streams Using Kinesis & Lambda

Aymen El Amri, Hackernoon
Oct 5 2016
Part 2 of a post that we previously shared with you, this is an excellent series on the architecture of streaming big data.

Why the Internet is broken

Oct 6 2016
Improving video quality through a WebRTC based Peer to Peer Content Delivery Network.

How to make Slack and Twilio talk to each other

Swizec Teller
Make a call with Twilio, and send the recording to Slack.  Nice technical tutorial!

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