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RealTimeWeekly #151


17 Oct RealTimeWeekly #151

Real Time Weekly: Oct 17th 2016

Another big issue this week, with articles on WebRTC details and codecs, ActionCable, IoT with Arduinos, Android realtime apps, NodeJS bots, live streaming, and how to launch t-shirts from a cannon using Asterisk telephony.  Lots of fun content in today’s issue!

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This week’s Real-Time news

WebRTC Live Q&A Session #9

Oct 19 2016
The next #WebRTC Standards webinar is coming up this Wednesday!  Sign up now to attend and ask your questions.

ICE restarts

Philipp Hancke,
Sep 28 2016
Philipp talks about ICE restarts – when a failure happens after a WebRTC call has already started.

Opus negotiation for the practical man

Giacomo Vacca
Sep 29 2016
Details on the Opus video codec which is required in WebRTC implementations.

An Introduction to ActionCable in Rails 5

Samuel Mullen, Pixelated Works
Sep 29 2016
How to use ActionCable for WebSockets in your Rails app – it’s more than just chat rooms.

Octoblu Wins Astricon’s Dangerous Demo Award

Chris Matthieu, Citrix
Oct 7 2016
I’m including this post because it includes a cool demo which shows using an Asterisk based telephony system to connect to IoT devices, in this case a t-shirt cannon.  Some high level architectural diagrams are included too if you want to do this on your own.

Dailymotion, Peer5 and the Future of Streaming

Tsahi Levent-Levi,
Oct 10 2016
An overview of the different technologies being used to stream live video.

Drilling down to a single WebRTC session

Philipp Hancke,
Oct 5 2016
Philipp describes how they discovered a specific bitrate bug they encountered in Chrome, a good story of how to debug WebRTC apps.

“Build your child their very own Node.js Frozen bot”

Gabrielle Crevecoeur, Microsoft
Sep 18 2016
Conference presentation on building an Arduino based bot with the Node Robotics framework which incorporates voice recognition.

DIY Android App Compares Local Bus Routes to Uber in Realtime

Lizzie Siegle, PubNub
Oct 13 2016
Wait for a bus, taxi, or call Uber? This PubNub post shows you how to build an app that connects to Uber’s API and compare it to bus routes to help make the decision.  Uses PubNub’s Project EON for displaying realtime charts and maps on an Android phone.

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