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RealTimeWeekly #150


10 Oct RealTimeWeekly #150

Real Time Weekly: Oct 10th 2016

We’re interested in your opinions and experiences on WebRTC!  We’ve included a link below to a brief survey that we are taking this week on WebRTC.  Please take a few minutes to fill it out and we’ll share anything interesting we learn in future blog posts.  All answers will be anonymized before sharing publicly.

In addition, we’ve got sad new from the RethinkDB team who are shutting down.  On the upside though, we’ve got the usual array of interesting articles and tutorials on WebRTC and real time streaming data.

As always, if you have tips, event announcements, or suggestions, please contact me directly at

Thanks for reading!
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This week’s Real-Time news

WebRTC Applications Survey

Arin Sime, WebRTCventures
Oct 7 2016
We’re collecting data in this short survey to help us understand what people are using WebRTC for, how it’s going, and the challenges you see.  Please participate by filling out the survey and we’ll share the results in a future blog post!  Any responses you give will be anonymized before sharing publicly.

RethinkDB is shutting down

Slava Akhmechet, RethinkDB
Oct 5 2016
The project will remain available open source.

Aymen El Amri, Medium post

Sep 30 2016
A nice tutorial and architectural overview for “engineers, developers and architects who would like to build a realtime analytics and event processing system for large amounts of data collected from multiple sources : IoT, logs from servers, routers, distributed processing systems ..etc”

Building a Fat WebRTC framework on iOS

Antonis Tsakiridis, Telestax
Oct 6 2016
How to use Telestax’s Restcomm framework in iOS applications

Introducing SIP Interconnect

Badri Rajasekar, Tokbox
Sep 27 2016
New functionality from Tokbox allowing you to connect your OpenTok WebRTC call into a SIP backend.

WebSockets, Reactive APIs and Microservices

Todd Montgomery, InfoQ
Sep 30 2016
Discussion about the high scalability, resiliency, and ease of development promises made by WebSockets, Reactive Streams and microservices.

WebRTC + Ember

Xander Dumaine, Global Ember Meetup
Feb 2016
I must have missed this video when it came out earlier this year, but better late than never! A nice overview of WebRTC in general, and using it with EmberJS.

WebRTC Live Q&A Session #9

Oct 19 2016
Reserve your spot now for the next WebRTC Standards group’s live Q&A.  This session will cover updates from the latest WebRTC meetings in Lisbon, testing in WebRTC, and your questions on any WebRTC topics.

JANUS webRTC media and application server

Dr Alex Gouaillard
Sep 30 2016
An overview of Janus, use cases, architecture, and comparison to other WebRTC solutions.

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