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RealTimeWeekly #149


03 Oct RealTimeWeekly #149

Real Time Weekly: Oct 3rd 2016

We’ve got a couple of Rails tutorials in this issue for real time apps, plus WebRTC testing, RabbitMQ, and latest release from TokBox.

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This week’s Real-Time news

Multi-User Spreadsheets with ActionCable: Part 1

Go Rails
Sep 12 2016
5 part series, all five parts are already filmed. Build a Google Spreadsheets clone to enable real time collaboration on a document. Uses Rails, Phusion, ActionCable, and RethinkDB.

Executing a WebRTC test that scales

Tsahi Levent-Levi, testRTC
Sep 21 2016
How to implement tests for lots of sessions or lots of users in testRTC.

Microservices using Rails, HTTP & RabbitMQ

Santosh Wadghule, Mecahicles
Sep 19 2016
Using queues and microservices to deliver data in real time to users, such as Cricket scores.

Recording WebRTC Sessions: client side or server side?

Tsahi Levent-Levi,
Sep 26 2016
Reasons for recording WebRTC sessions on the server side.

New Release: OpenTok iOS & Android 2.9

Christian Ferran, TokBox
Sep 20 2016
New features and improvements for mobile OpenTok apps, including scalable video and automatic reconnection on dropped calls.

Easily Build an Android Chat App in One Afternoon

Derek Frome, PubNub
Sep 28 2016
The simple chat app uses PubNub for the messaging, the Twitter Fabric platform to make it scalable, and Digits for authentication.

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