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RealTimeWeekly #145


05 Sep RealTimeWeekly #145

Real Time Weekly: September 5th 2016

We have the last of our WebRTC Argentina videos posted, plus a tutorial on Amazon Echo skills, and WebRTC based CDN’s, and why you should consider Electron Apps instead of WebRTC plugins.

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This week’s Real-Time news

Introduction to WebRTC – Part 3

Helmy Giacoman, WebRTC Argentina
Aug 29 2016
Helmy Giacoman sums up some of the conclusions from our previous “Intro to WebRTC” talks at WebRTC Argentina.  He talks about the decisions that you need to make when building your application and shows some use cases.  If you missed the first videos we posted, Nestor Bermudez gave an introduction to WebRTC concepts and then German Goldenstein showed how to code a basic WebRTC 1-1 video call.

Sweden’s Greta wants to disrupt the multi-billion dollar CDN market

Steve O’Hear, Tech Crunch
Aug 30 2016
You might recall a few months ago when we interviewed on the RealTimeWeekly show, where they discussed using the WebRTC Data Channel to distribute the load of content across Peer to Peer Content Distribution Networks.  They just raised some investment, as reported in this Tech Crunch article.

Building an Amazon Alexa Skill with Node.js

Jordan Kasper
Aug 24 2016
Nice tutorial on building a voice activated skill for Amazon – could be a nice springboard for tying Alexa into your app or device.

WebRTC Plugin? An Electron WebRTC app is the only viable fallback

Tsahi Levent-Levi,
Aug 8 2016
This is an interesting post from Tsahi that I missed previously, but came across while doing some research. In short, why build a browser plugin for WebRTC if you can (relatively) easily build a desktop app instead?

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