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RealTimeWeekly #143


22 Aug RealTimeWeekly #143

Real Time Weekly: August 22nd 2016

In this week’s issue there are the latest videos from our WebRTC Argentina event, as well as WebRTC for Virtual Reality, and articles on Simulcast, RethinkDB, PubNub, React, Firebase, and more!

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This week’s Real-Time news

Introduction to WebRTC Part 1 (Video)

Néstor Bermúdez, WebRTC Argentina
Aug 16 2016
Néstor lays out the concepts of building a WebRTC call applicaiton in this video from the June 16 WebRTC Argentina event.

Introduction to WebRTC Part 2 (Video)

Germán Goldenstein, WebRTC Argentina
Aug 16 2016
Germán takes you through the basics of building a WebRTC call applicaiton, with a complete code example.

How to build real-time applications using Node.js and RethinkDB

Jscrambler blog
Aug 4 2016
Using the RethinkDB NoSQL database for real time apps, full code tutorial using and Express.

Simulcast in WebRTC: Standards and Implementation (Video)

4-liveQ&A Session
Aug 17 2016
In their regular webinar on WebRTC standards in general, the team discusses Simulcasting in particular and how the browsers are implementing it.

Copresence in WebVR

Boris Smus
Aug 8 2016
Using WebRTC to bring in remote Web Audio streams for a co-presence virtual reality experience.  This is not your typical WebRTC demo!

Learning Firebase w/ React+Redux

6-Live coding
thezanke, Livecoding
Aug 2016
Part 4 in a multipart series, this one shows how to use Firebase with React for a real time database interaction.

Build a real-time recommendation engine with IBM Bluemix and PubNub

Shyam Purkayastha, IBM Bluemix blog
Aug 16 2016
Ongoing series about building a real-time recommendation engine project to predict travel duration. This final post in the series shows how to use PubNub to send the real time updates to app users, and those recommendations are created in an IBM Bluemix server.

Working around WebRTC bugs

Philipp Hancke,
Aug 12 2016
How to deal with a couple of common WebRTC challenges, when the browser cannot get access to the microphone or when the camera is used by another app.

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