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RealTimeWeekly #141


08 Aug RealTimeWeekly #141

Real Time Weekly: August 8th 2016

In this week’s issue we have an article on React and WebSockets, ActionCable and WebSockets, and WebRTC SSL connections TURN servers, and more! Do you have any tech updates from the RealTime Web Solutions conference last week, or ClueCon this week, or other local tech conferences dealing with real time technologies?  Send them to us!

As always, if you have tips, event announcements, or suggestions, please contact me directly at

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This week’s Real-Time news

Let’s Encrypt – how get to free SSL for WebRTC

Chad Hard, WebRTC Hacks
Aug 1 2016
Using the camera and microphone with WebRTC requires HTTPS, and so Chad shows how to setup a free SSL certificate with Let’s Encrypt so that you can securely use WebRTC.

Creating a real-time test automation platform for Cisco with React & WebSockets…and React Native

Ben Howdle
Jul 29 2016
Interesting read on using React Native and Websockets and performance tuning for hundreds of messages per second over the WebSockets connection.

Where to deploy TURN (or other relay) servers

Philipp Hancke, Appear.In
Aug 1 2016
A bit of evidence from Philipp that setting up local TURN servers closer to users makes a significant difference in how quickly you can setup WebRTC connections.

ActionCable – Part 3 – Securing Your WebSockets

Drifting Ruby
Jul 24 2016
Part of a multipart video tutorial series on Action Cable in Ruby (as well as other Ruby topics)

WebRTC on ClueCon Weekly

Chad Hart
Jul 27 2016
Chad joins the ClueCon team for a discussion of WebRTC ahead of the ClueCon conference this week in Chicago.  Chad gives a comprehensive overview of WebRTC and media servers and use cases and more.

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