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RealTimeWeekly #140

01 Aug RealTimeWeekly #140

Real Time Weekly: August 1st 2016

I had a great conversation last week with Varun Singh from Callstats, who shared some statistics and lessons learned about WebRTC on the RealTimeWeekly show.  We’ve got video from that in this week’s issue, plus articles on real time data pipelines, WebSockets, Message Queues from Ably real-time, getUserMedia and Snapchat filters on TokBox!

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This week’s Real-Time news

WebRTC Analytics with

RealTimeWeekly Show #2
Jul 26 2016
Last week we had a great talk with founder Varun Singh about WebRTC Analytics – we’ve now posted the video! Varun and his team have built, which allows for Analytics and Optimizations for WebRTC media streams. Varun shared with us a bunch of interesting numbers about WebRTC calls, and why they fail, and we discussed how to handle for those events in your application.

Monitoring and Troubleshooting Real-Time Data Pipelines

Alan Ngai & Premal Shah, Global Big Data Conference
Jul 20 2016
Presentation on best practices and strategies on monitoring distributed real-time data processing frameworks from engineers who have been responsible for data pipelines at companies like eBay and Yahoo.

Load Balancing Websocket Connections
Wolfram Hempel,
Jul 26 2016
How to handle the concurrency of Websockets connections and still have a redundant architecture to handle large loads.

Message queues — the right way to process and work with realtime data on your servers
Matthew O’Riordan,
Jul 28 2016
Using the Pub/Sub fan-out pattern and a Queue based pattern and why both are sometimes needed.

getUserMedia prompts

Philipp Hancke,
Jul 25 2016
Interesting statistics about the time it takes to get access to a user’s camera and microphone on average in Firefox and Chrome.

Camera Filters in OpenTok for Web

Adam Ullman, TokBox
Jul 21 2016
How to apply instagram or snapchat style filters to the video from an OpenTok feed.

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