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RealTimeWeekly #139


25 Jul RealTimeWeekly #139

Real Time Weekly: July 25th 2016

Tomorrow is the RealTimeWeekly Show with CallStats!  Don’t forget to sign up (link below) to learn more about WebRTC Analytics.  We’ve also got a full issue this week of tutorials and technical examples about Lightstreamer, PubNub, Peer5, Twilio Video and more!

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This week’s Real-Time news

WebRTC Analytics with

RealTimeWeekly Show #2
Jul 26 2016
Join us for a live webinar with founder Varun Singh about WebRTC Analytics! Varun and his team have, which allows for Analytics and Optimizations for WebRTC media streams. Varun will share with us some of the insights they have learned, and best practices for building your WebRTC applications.  Sign up for this free webinar and bring your questions with you!

WebRTC Live Q&A Session #6

Jul 18 2016
This WebRTCStandards webinar includes insight into IP address security conerns and updates on browser compatibility with Microsoft Edge.

UX Design for WebRTC

Mariana Lopez and Adriana Benavides
Jul 22 2016
Mariana and Adriana have been designing video applications for our clients at, and in this presentation from WebRTC Argentina, they share best practices.

Vue.js and Lightstreamer

Vincenzo D’Ippolito, Lightstreamer Blog
Jul 20 2016
Code samples and demo for connecting the Vue.js library with Lightstreamer’s real time data API.

Peer-to-Peer & The Multi-CDN Approach

Billy Phillips, Peer5
Jul 18 2016
Architectural post describing how a Peer to Peer network can be used to load balance across CDN’s

Building Realtime Apps on Android with PubNub’s Publish/Subscribe

Sunny Gleason, PubNub
Jul 15 2016
Comprehensive code tutorial on Android and PubNub, in two parts. The link above is Part 1, and there is also a Part 2 available.

Connecting Twilio Video with a Bot

Arin Sime,
Jul 20 2016
This is a follow up to the video that I posted already from a presentation at WebRTC Argentina, and includes a little more about the code behind integrating a simple bot with a WebRTC connection.

Realtime Radio Station Application using the Apple Music and iTunes Search API’s

Keith Martin, PubNub
Jul 7 2016
Gather user votes on your own curated playlist that you send to friends. Fun tutorial from PubNub.

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