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RealTimeWeekly #137


11 Jul RealTimeWeekly #137

Real Time Weekly: July 11th 2016

A couple new videos from the Twilio Signal conference have been published on WebRTC, plus large scale data stream processing with Kafka, a WebRTC demo from our recent conference in Argentina, and WebRTC security, all in this week’s issue!

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This week’s Real-Time news

Large-Scale Stream Processing with Apache Kafka

Neha Narkhede, InfoQ
Jul 3 2016
Neha Narkhede (CTO/Co-founder at Confluent) explains how Apache Kafka was designed to support capturing and processing distributed data streams by building up the basic primitives needed for a stream processing system. She explains how Kafka and Kafka Streams solves practical problems in building scalable and stateful microservices, based on her experience.

A Study of WebRTC Security

Ewan Leaver, NTT Communications
Apr 2016
I just came across this detailed article on the various security aspects of WebRTC

WebRTC Live Q&A Session #6

The next WebRTC Standards live Q&A is coming up on July 18th!  You can sign up now and ask questions in advance.

WebRTC Case Study:

Chris Sader,
Jul 8 2016
The latest video from our WebRTC Argentina conference last month.  This is not a technical discussion, but was a case study that we presented as an example of the sort of innovative applications that can be built with WebRTC.

Twilio Signal Conference – WebRTC Hacks

Chad Hart, WebRTCHacks
Jul 1 2016
Video from Chad’s presentation at Twilio Signal giving updates on how WebRTC apps are being built, showing example “hacks” and what he’s learned.

Twilio Signal Conference – WebRTC Reborn

Dan Jenkins, NimbleApe
Jul 1 2016
Dan talks about how the WebRTC development community has grown and changed over recent years.  A great overview of WebRTC and also an appeal to give WebRTC another try if you had trouble in the past.

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