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RealTimeWeekly #135


27 Jun RealTimeWeekly #135

Real Time Weekly: May 9th 2016

Another good tutorial on the Action Cable functionality built into Rails5 for real time apps, plus updates on WebRTC codecs, WebSockets scaling, a DataChannel example, posts on GetUserMedia and error handling and updates from TokBox!

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This week’s Real-Time news

Implementing Action Cable and Active Job in Rails 5

Tonatiuh Núñez, Density Labs
Jun 9 2016
Using Active Job you can schedule queues like Sidekik or Resque, and this post shows how to combine that with the WebSockets features of Action Cable to update a web page when the jobs finish.

VP9 Hardware Acceleration is Real

Tsahi Levent-Levi,
June 20 2016
VP9 is gaining additional adoption in ARM and Intel processors.

Accessing the User’s Camera with JpegCamera and Canvas

Martín Martínez, Sitepoint Tutorials
Jun 16 2016
JpegCamera allows you to access the user’s camera, gracefully degrading to Flash if the browser does not support getUserMedia(). The tutorial builds an Instagram layout feature with this library.

Errors in WebRTC getUserMedia API calls

Lasse Lumiaho & Karthik Br, callstats blog
Jun 16 2016
GetUserMedia errors can be 14% of the errors in a WebRTC app, and this post shows how to handle that and other common errors in WebRTC apps.

Serverless Data Sync in Web Apps with Bit Torrent

Paul Kinlan 
Jun 14 2016
Fun app showing what you can do with WebRTC’s Data Channel

New Release: OpenTok iOS & Android 2.8

Eleanor Hermon, TokBox blog
Jun 16 2016
Improvements to audio and video quality, plus a variety of other bug fixes and packaging changes.

Scaling A Websocket Application With RabbitMQ

7-john pettigrew
John Pettigrew
Jun 20 2016
Scaling can be a challenge with load balance or high number of clients. John shows how to resolve this with RabbitMQ queueing.

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