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RealTimeWeekly #133


13 Jun RealTimeWeekly #133

Real Time Weekly: June 13th 2016

We have a lot of videos to share with you this week, including updates on the WebRTC standard, Kranky Geek India videos on many aspects and use cases of WebRTC, Firebase on Android, Twilio Video chat widgets, and PeerJS and WebRTC.  We’ll be in Argentina this week hosting our first in person event, so you can expect to hear more about that from us in coming issues of RealTimeWeekly!

As always, if you have tips, event announcements, or suggestions, please contact me directly at

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This week’s Real-Time news

WebRTC Live Q&A Session #5 – JavaScript Promises and WebRTC Interoperability and API Compatibility

1-WebRTC Live
June 6 2016
The asynchronous APIs in WebRTC are changing to use promises instead of callbacks

Firebase SDK for Android: A tech deep dive

Doug Stevenson, Google I/O 2016
May 19 2016
Android and Firebase for real time apps, a presentation from the Google I/O conference last month.

Videos from Kranky Geek India

May 26 2016
All the videos from the Kranky Geek event in Bangalore India – talks on WebRTC intro’s and adoption, TURN/signaling, mobile WebRTC, interactive broadcasting, call center implementations, Mozilla/Firefox and WebRTC, testing, building apps, and more!

Getting started with Web Components building a Video Chat widget

Phil Nash, Twilio
June 6 2016
Nice tutorial for building a WebRTC video chat widget for your site using Twilio Video.

Building a WebRTC Video Chat Application with PeerJS

Wern Ancheta, SitePoint Tutorials
June 7 2016
This tutorial shows how to use the PeerJS library in a NodeJS app for a simple 1-1 call.

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