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RealTimeWeekly #131


30 May RealTimeWeekly #131

Real Time Weekly: May 30th 2016

Last week I was at the Signal Conference in San Francisco, put on by Twilio.  So we have a lot of news this week related to that, including a summary I wrote of takeaways from the sessions I attended. There was a lot of talk about bots!  

Speaking of bots, what do you think about them?  I also wrote a short non-technical post about how I see intelligent bots and WebRTC based live agents intersecting – I would be curious to hear your thoughts. That post is up on WebRTC ventures.

It’s not all about Signal though, we also have posts on audio conferencing with WebRTC and micro services.  Enjoy!

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This week’s Real-Time news

How to Add Phone Calling Bots to Slack with Python

Matt Makai, Twilio
May 24 2016
I saw his presentation on this at Twilio Signal last week, and full disclosure, Matt and I went to graduate school together. But he led a very cool session showing how to integrate SMS messaging with a Slack bot to send messages from Slack to group members on their phones.  This post shares the code.

Your Browser as a Audio Conference Server with WebRTC & Web Audio

Alexey Aylarov,
May 20 2016
How to do audio mixing on the client side for audio conferences on WebRTC – no media server needed.

WebRTC Standards Webcast #5 on June 6th

June 6 2016
Next WebRTC Stanards web Q&A is coming up, you can sign up now.

uWebSockets: Micro Web Sockets project

Alex Hultman
May 2016
Interesting project on Github that you can check out for a highly scalable and lightweight web sockets library.

Twilio announces Wireless, Add-ons, Notifications at Signal Conference

May 26 2016
Twilio announced a number of items at the annual Signal Conference this week.  Most notably is Programmable Wireless for putting a Twilio/Tmobile SIM card into IoT devices for data access, a managed 3rd party Add-ons marketplace, and a new multichannel notifications API. If you don’t mind the marketing of the keynotes, they were quite good. You can see Day 1 and Day 2 on Youtube and from the Twilio site.

Twilio Signal Conference Summary

Arin Sime, RealTimeWeekly
May 26 2016
Some of my takeaways from the Signal conference.  I primarily attended sessions about bots and Twilio Video/WebRTC. There were also a number of interesting vendors at Signal that I mention in this article as well.

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