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RealTimeWeekly #130


23 May RealTimeWeekly #130

Real Time Weekly: May 23rd 2016

Did you watch any of the Google I/O conference this week, or perhaps you were there in person?  There were a number of interesting announcements made for people like us. One of the most interesting perhaps is their new video chat app Duo, which is based on WebRTC.  You can read more about that on TechCrunch (

Besides Google I/O, our issue this week is full with other topics including TADHack presentations, Slackbots, Angular, Firebase, Real-time in .NET, and more!

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This week’s Real-Time news

TADHack-mini Uruguay 2016 Summary

Alan Quayle, TADHack
May 11 2016
Alan updates us from Montevideo on the telecom hackathon entries, with presentation recordings posted. Looks like another great event from the TADHack team!

Build Your Own Custom SlackBot with Node.js

Gaurav Ramesh, SitePoint Tutorials
May 10 2016
Building a slackbot integration is all the rage, and this example shows you how to build one that responds to your commands.

Async data patterns with AngularFire (Video)

David East, ng-conf
May 6 2016
Using Firebase and Angular together for real time application development, from a conference presentation at ng-conf. Shows how firebase can send data updates to all connected devices automatically.

WebRTC Signaling Protocols and WebRTC Transport Protocols Demystified

Tsahi Levent-Levi,
May 16 2016
An overview of different transport layers that you may use to establish WebRTC signaling.

Firebase Overview – Google I/O 2016 (Video)

Firebase team
May 18 2016
Announcements about the real time database Firebase that were made at Google I/O last week. Other Google developer tools are being more closely integrated with Firebase for messaging, analytics, and more.

Real-Time Web Apps and .NET. What are your options?

Phil Leggetter, Nexmo Blog
May 19 2016
A talk by Phil about how to build in realtime to ASP.NET MVC applications using SignalR and XSockets, with video and slides included.

Lightstreamer – Quickstart Example – Kotlin Client

Lightstreamer team
May 17 2016
New example for connecting Lightstreamer’s real time messaging and data streaming service with the strongly typed Java language Kotlin.

Introducing Horizon: build realtime apps without writing backend code

Ryan Paul, RethinkDB
May 17 2016
RethinkDB launches Horizon as “an open-source backend that lets developers build and scale realtime web applications.” Includes backend server based on NodeJS and RethinkDB, Javascript library, and command line tool.

QuickBlox releases new Android code samples

Igor Khomenko, QuickBlox
May 13 2016
Refactored code that makes it easier to use their Android samples for your own WebRTC projects.

How To Add React Powered CSS Filters To Twilio Video

Eddie Zaneski, Twilio Blog
May 11 2016
How to overlay CSS filters on top of the video and use to synch up those filters across all viewers of a video chat.

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