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RealTimeWeekly #129


16 May RealTimeWeekly #129

Real Time Weekly: May 16th 2016

This week we’ve got articles on WebSockets, ActionCable, IoT, WebRTC, and more!

Many thanks to those of you who joined us last week for our first-ever RealTimeWeekly Show! We spoke with GretaScript CTO Dennis Mårtensson about their experiences with the WebRTC Data Channel, and you can see a recording linked below.

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This week’s Real-Time news to talk DataChannel on the RealTimeWeekly Show

May 12 2016
In our inaugural “RealTimeWeekly Show” episode, we had a great conversation with Dennis Mårtensson, CTO and co-founder of We’ve added the recording to our site so you can learn from him about the WebRTC Data Channel and Peer to Peer Content Delivery Networks!

VP8 vs VP9 – Is this about Quality or Bitrate?

Tsahi Levent-Levi,
May 9 2016
With Chrome supporting VP9 for WebRTC video codecs, should you move from VP8 to VP9? Tsahi describes how VP provides better quality and bitrate.

Getting started with IoT in Realtime

Bhavana Srinivas, PubNub blog
May 10 2016
Bhavana takes us through the architectural decisions you need to make for a typical IoT sensor, and how to get that sensor data into your app in realtime.
Wordpress tags: PubNub, IoT, RaspberryPi, Arduino

Real-Time Rails: Implementing WebSockets in Rails 5 with Action Cable

Sophie DeBenedetto, Heroku Engineering Blog
May 9 2016
Sophie shows you how to use the built-in WebSockets features of Rails 5 to exchange data in real-time on top of Action Cable and Redis

5 Factors to Consider for Your WebRTC Project

Amir Zmora, NoJitter blog
May 10 2016
Amir provides an in-depth discussion of the architectural considerations if you are just beginning your WebRTC application.  Should you use a commercial WebRTC API or build your own? This is required reading if you have that question.

What’s New With Lightstreamer 6.0.2

Alessandro Alinone, Lightstreamer Blog
May 12 2016
Unified Client API added in this latest version, plus new SDK’s for Apple platforms including tvOS, Android SDK’s, and more.

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