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RealTimeWeekly #127


02 May RealTimeWeekly #127

Real Time Weekly: May 2nd 2016

I’ve been in San Francisco this week on business talking with lots of people about WebRTC and other real time technologies, and there’s so much interest in this field it’s really exciting.  Thanks for being part of RealTimeWeekly and sharing this journey with us!

In addition to tutorials about Lightstreamer, Twilio, PubNub, and WebRTC with Dialogic, I also have a big announcement to make this week.  We’ve started a “RealTimeWeekly Show”!  This regular webinar series will include guests talking about technical topics related to real-time application development. Our first show on May 12th will be very interesting, with sharing their thoughts on the WebRTC DataChannel.  The link is below to register for the show!

As always, if you have tips, event announcements, or suggestions, please contact me directly at

Thanks for reading!
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This week’s Real-Time news

New SDK for Python Adapters

Gianluca Finocchiaro, Lightstreamer Blog
Apr 26 2016
Code and configuration example included.

Support for Multiple RTX Codecs

Apr 26 2016
Google announced changes in Chrome 50 that allow for more advanced retransmission, forward error correction, and redundancy in the WebRTC media stream.

How to Create a Text-to-Speech Audio Broadcast with PubNub and Raspberry Pi

Josh Marinacci, Programmable Web
Apr 27 2016
Using open source library eSpeak, this tutorial shows how to send messages to a Raspberry Pi and have it read them out loud.

Chat App Best Practice Guide with JavaScript APIs

Tomomi Imura, PubNub
Apr 28 2016
Comprehensive listing of coding tips and use cases for text chat apps with PubNub.

How to Make a WebRTC App: Step-by-Step Guide

Vince Puglia, Dialogic Blog
Apr 28 2016
Use the PowerMedia XMS service from Dialogic to setup a WebRTC group video chat, full tutorial and video included in the blog post. to talk DataChannel on the RealTimeWeekly Show

May 12 2016
This is the first in a series of regular webinars we are planning to host on RealTimeWeekly, around technical topics and use cases of any of the real time technologies regularly featured in RealTimeWeekly!  In this inaugural episode, Dennis Mårtensson, CTO and co-founder of, will join us to discuss their experiences with the WebRTC Data Channel and how they’ve used it to build a Peer-to-peer CDN for their customers.  Sign up today and join us!

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