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RealTimeWeekly #126


25 Apr RealTimeWeekly #126

Real Time Weekly: April 25th 2016

Another big issues this week, filled with real time data analysis, WebRTC, and more!  Take note of the webinar coming up on Apple and WebRTC.  Our team at RealTimeWeekly is also about to start a regular webinar series of Real-time technical case studies and interviews – our first guest will be, a very interesting Swedish company providing content delivery over WebRTC’s Data Channel.  Look for the announcement about that coming soon on!

Also, I’ll be at the Twilio Signal conference later in May if anyone wants to meet up while I’m there, just let me know!

As always, if you have tips, event announcements, or suggestions, please contact me directly at

Thanks for reading!
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This week’s Real-Time news

WebRTC in WebKit and the story around Apple and WebRTC

Coming up May 4 2016
The WebRTCStandards team has announced their next WebRTC developer Q&A webinar next week – you can register for the event today and get the latest updates on the mysterious topic of Apple and WebRTC! 

Understanding Real-time Conversations on Facebook

Janet Wiener, InfoQ
Apr 17 2016
Presentation about how Facebook uses and built “a data pipeline that produces visual graphs within 10 seconds of content production” in real time.

Scaling your WebRTC apps

Arin Sime, WebRTC ventures
Apr 19 2016
A few insights from our team on scaling and testing your WebRTC app, with links to some of the commercial services we rely on to scale our apps.

How to Receive and Reply to an SMS in Rails with Twilio

James Jelinek, Twilio Blog
Apr 19 2016
Full tech tutorial on “a simple integration of Twilio into a new Ruby on Rails application that handles inbound and outbound messages.”

PeerConnection Error Callback now Mandatory

Apr 18 2016
Good news that the error handler will become mandatory in createOffer and createAnswer, although this could be a breaking change in Chrome 50. 

Create a Real-Time Video Chat Room with WebRTC & Twilio

Lantre Barr, BlaccSpot Media
Apr 18 2016
Nice tutorial from Lantre with the complete code needed for a Twilio demo.  Lantre also mentions a new site for WebRTC developers that he is launching, The site is not live yet but you can sign up for his email list for when it launches in the coming months!

Sharpening the Edge – extended Q&A with Microsoft for RTC devs

Chad Hart, webrtcH4cKS
Apr 21 2016
The Microsoft Edge team put together this post of answers to common questions from the developer community about what ORTC and WebRTC are going to look like in the Edge browser.

Developing Real-time Data Pipelines with Apache Kafka

Joe Stein, InfoQ
Mar 4 2016
How and why to ue Apache Kafka – a presentation from the SpringOne 2GX conference.

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