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RealTimeWeekly #125


18 Apr RealTimeWeekly #125

Real Time Weekly: April 18th 2016

Lots of interesting content this week covering real time messaging with Lightstream, PubNub, Pusher and WebSockets, plus lots of WebRTC updates and some Beacon, IoT, and bots thrown in. Last week was also interesting with the Facebook F8 conference going on all of Facebook’s announcements about Messenger integrations and more Facebook Live video integrations. As a TokBox post put it last week, Live video broadcast will never be the same again! (Link to this . You’re on the cutting edge of the latest in real-time development news in this issue!

We’re also adding a couple new events to the listing. The Full Stack Conference in Barcelona has opened a call for Presenters, and NodeConf is coming to Argentina in November. Sounds to me like a couple of great opportunities to combine your love of development with some travel!

As always, if you have tips, event announcements, or suggestions, please contact me directly at

Thanks for reading!
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This week’s Real-Time news

The Big Churn – learning from real usage stats

Lasse Lumiaho and Varun Singh, webrtcH4cKS
Apr 8 2016
Interesting statistics about common errors and failure reasons in WebRTC calls, based on data from the team.

The End of Transcoding WebRTC Video Sessions

Amir Zmora, The New Dialtone
Apr 5 2016
Amir discusses network topology and video transcoding for WebRTC, and why the need for transcoding is decreasing.

WebRTC Take-Away Info from MS build and Edge web Summit conferences

Alex Gouaillard
Apr 5 2016
Updates from Dr Alex on WebRTC and Microsoft Edge.

Quick Summary of TADHack-mini London 2016 and the Winners

Alan Quayle, TADHack
Apr 10 2016
Combining services from Dialogic, Telestax, Cisco Spark, Matrix, Apidaze and more, Alan provides videos from the TADHack London participants and their hacks. Hacks included chat bots, Slack integration, speech recognition, language translation, and more.

React Native Demo Available

Vincenzo D’Ippolito, Lightstreamer Blog
Apr 11 2016
Lightstreamer extends their real-time stock price demo to native mobile apps with React Native

Recording Realtime Stocks with Go Lang

Alexander Novikov, PubNub
Mar 30 2016
Tutorial showing how to use Go to interface with PubNub’s messaging Api

Use Twilio to Communicate Through Facebook Messenger and Viber

Robert Fenstermacher, Twilio
Apr 12 2016
Perfectly timed with the big announcements from Facebook this week, Twilio is opening up Messenger and Viber in their messaging API for early access.

Fluent Conference 2016: Getting Physical with the Beacon-enabled Web

Jennifer Looper, FluentConf
Mar 24 2016
Presentation from O’Reilly’s FluentConf showing how Beacon can be used in a variety of campaigns to link the virtual and real worlds. Not sure why this video was marked as a “comedy” on YouTube, but it is interesting. :-)

Dockerizing Lightstreamer

9-Dockerizing Lightstreamer
Gianluca Finocchiaro, Lightstreamer Blog
Apr 13 2016
How to use Docker to configure and deploy your real time service with Lightstreamer.

Ruby is For Fun and Robots (Video)

Michael Ries, Mountain West Ruby 2016
Apr 12 2016
Fun presentation with a Roomba robot and Twitter photo bot example.

Building realtime applications with CycleJS and RxJS

Jack Franklin, Pusher blog
Apr 2016
Using Reactive Javascript Extensions with CycleJS and Pusher to make a real time chat application.

Everything announced at Facebook’s F8 conference

Anna Escher, Techrunch
Apr 14 2016
Extended Facebook’s F8 developer conference summary with big announcements like Facebook Messenger platform with chatbots. It also includes information about “Surround 360” and new developer tools.

Facebook & Live Video: Broadcast will never be the same again

Melih Onvural, TokBox Blog
Apr 08 2016
Melih notes how video broadcasting is becoming interactive as well as live, and relates it to the Facebook announcements this week.

Scalability, VP9, and what it means for WebRTC

Alex Eleftheriadis,
Apr 14 2016
In this post the Chief Scientist of Vidyo discusses the benefits of VP9 video codec for WebRTC.

Vidyo Supports WebRTC Video Conferencing

Eran Westman, Vidyo Blog
Apr 14 2016
Here’s the announcement from Vidyo about their WebRTC endpoint into their enterprise conferencing solution. 

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