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RealTimeWeekly #123


04 Apr RealTimeWeekly #123

Real Time Weekly: April 4th 2016

The WebRTC Standards team has published a recording of another information webinar from last week, this one with the initial topic of Screensharing.  That recording, plus more tutorials on WebRTC, Twilio, Websockets, Telegram, and more in today’s issue!

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This week’s Real-Time news

Quickly Create a Telegram Bot in Ruby

Ardian Haxha, Sitepoint
Mar 17 2016
Nice tech tutorial showing how to interface with secure messaging tool Telegram.

WebRTC Live Q&A Session #3 (Recording)

Mar 30 2016
The recording has been posted from last week’s webinar on screensharing and other WebRTC Q&A from the WebRTC Standards team.

webrtcH4cKS: ~ Is Slack’s WebRTC Really Slacking?

Yoshimasa Iwase, WebRTC Hacks
Mar 24 2016
An English translation of the author’s original Japanese post providing a closer examination of how Slack is using WebRTC in their new calls feature.

Will WebSocket survive HTTP/2?

Allan Denis, InfoQ
Mar 14 2016
Spoiler Alert: HTTP/2 will not replace the need for pub/sub and streaming technologies.

From Zero to Hero with Spring WebSocket (Presentation)

Sergi Almar, InfoQ
Mar 18 2016
How to make a Spring MVC app real-time with server sent events and WebSockets.

How to Test / Evaluate WebRTC in Safari?

Alex Gouaillard, WebRTCbyDrAlex
Mar 27 2016
The open source webrtc-in-webkit implementation is now in the preview version of Safari, which is a great sign for possible future adoption of WebRTC support by Apple. Dr Alex shows you how to work with it.

Getting Started with the Twilio Video JavaScript SDK

Sam Agnew, Twilio Blog
Mar 29 2016
How to build a bare bones Javascript application with Twilio Video.

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