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RealTimeWeekly #122


28 Mar RealTimeWeekly #122

Real Time Weekly: March 28th 2016

Why does screen sharing require plugin for WebRTC? Amir answers that in this week’s issues. We also have big announcements this week: A new real-time messaging service called and Apple TV API support from Lightstreamer. All this and more in today’s RealTimeWeekly!

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This week’s Real-Time news

Ably launches: Better realtime messaging

Annabel King, blog
Mar 22 2016
There’s a new real time messaging platform in town – just launched last week. This post gives you a quick intro to their team and the high level features of what they are building.

Electron Demo for Lightstreamer

Vincenzo D’Ippolito, Lightstreamer
Mar 11 2016
Electron allows you to write cross platform desktop apps using HTML/Javascript – the apps run under the Chromium browser but look like a desktop app. This post provides source code for porting your real-time Lightstreamer application to Electron.

New tvOS Client SDK Now Available

Gianluca Bertani, Lightstreamer
Mar 10 2016
The latest Apple TV’s have a platform for development and distribution of apps, which Lightstreamer now has APIs for. This allows you to build a real time stock ticker for example and display it on TV’s through the Apple devices.

WebRTC Trickle ICE End of Candidates Gathering Indication

Mar 21 2016
The Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) process is a key part of WebRTC signaling and establishing the RTCPeerConnection.  In this post, the WebRTCStandards team points out the Trickle ICE proposal to end searching for ICE candidates sooner in order to indicate failure or success. This has the potential to speed up establishing peer connections.

From Websockets to Kafka with Akka Streams (Video)

Paul Kinsky, 
Mar 22 2016
How to take real time streaming data from your application and send it over WebSockets to Kafka and Akka Streams for real time data analysis.

Why WebRTC Screen Sharing Requires More Than User Consent

Amir Zmora, New Dial Tone
Mar 22 2016
Amir covers the security implications of screen sharing and why it’s not as simple as sharing your camera’s stream.

WebRTC Live Q&A Session #3

7-webRTC Live session
Mar 30 2016
Use the link above to reserve your spot in next week’s webinar with the WebRTCStandards team. You can also ask questions in advance, and see the recording later on.

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