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RealTimeWeekly #121


21 Mar RealTimeWeekly #121

Real Time Weekly: March 21st 2016

This week we have a diverse issue with a couple of interesting presentations on high performance data streams and WebRTC deployments, plus posts on Socket.IO, WebRTC signaling, and real time data dashboards. 

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This week’s Real-Time news

High Performance Stream Processing (Presentation)

Stephane Maldini, Glenn Renfro, David Turanski,
Mar 11 2016
Design patterns and techniques for getting the highest throughput and lowest resource utilization in streaming applications using Spring.

Understanding Socket.IO

Grigor Khachatryan, Medium
Mar 5 2016
A short history of Socket.IO followed by an overview of how to use it for streaming realtime data.

WebRTC Connectivity Woes and You!

Lee Sylvester, XirSys
Mar 14 2016
The CTO of XirSys explains the nasty bits of NAT Traversal with STUN and TURN.

Debugging ICE in WebRTC

Mar 14 2016
Key points about ICE debugging (for establishing RTCPeerConnections) from the most recent WebRTCStandards webinar.

Real-Time Analytics Dashboard with NodeJs,, VueJs

Mar 14 2016
Nice technical tutorial showing how to build a web analytics dashboard similar to Google Analytics. A nice model for any sort of real time data dashboard.

WebRTC Everywhere (Video)

Eric Schoffstall, dotJS conference
Mar 17 2016
This talk is from a DotJS conference in Paris last December, but was just posted to YouTube. Eric talks about the challenges deploying a cross platform WebRTC app.

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