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RealTimeWeekly #120


14 Mar RealTimeWeekly #120

Real Time Weekly: March 14th 2016

This week we have some detailed information on live stream settings from Red5, Multiparty Video architectures from Tsahi, Twilio Video and WebRTC stats, a Lego Train with Raspberry Pi and Arduino, and more! Plus we’ve put up a summary of the talks from WebRTC Boston on RealTimeWeekly!  

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This week’s Real-Time news

How to Build and Design iOS Video Chat Apps Using Swift

Brent Schooley, Twilio
Mar 4 2016
Full tutorial on building a 1-1 video chat app using Twilio Video on iOS.

Lego Train Automation

Feb 18 2016
Cool how-to building a lego train control system with PubNub, Raspberry Pi, Arduino Uno, and more.

WebRTC Boston Recap

Arin Sime, RealTimeWeekly
Mar 9 2016
Last week I spoke at WebRTC Boston, but I was just one of 6 very interesting talks. I’ve linked to the video for all of them in this post as well as provided my recap of the most interesting points.

Building A Real-Time Retrospective Board With Video Chat

Wolfram Hempel, Smashing Magazine
Mar 8 2016
Building a collaborative tool for post-it notes and video chat

How Different WebRTC Multiparty Video Conferencing Technologies Look Like on the Wire

Tsahi Levent-Levi,
Mar 2 2016
The TestRTC team runs some tests with different multiparty architectures to see how they affect network traffic. is used to show a mesh network, Talky for an SFU (Selective Forwarding Unit), and Blue Jeans for an MCU (Multipoint Conferencing Unit).

Stream Settings for Live Broadcasts – Balancing Latency and Video Quality

Red5 Pro
Mar 4 2016
Using the “Triangle of Despair” (Quality, Scale, Latency) to answer a common developer question about the best settings for a quality live streaming experience.

Chrome vs FireFox: WebRTC Stats API with Twilio Video

Sam Agnew, Twilio
Mar 7 2016
This tutorial shows you how to setup a basic 1-1 chat with Twilio Video, and then how to use the WebRTC Stats API to analyze the peer connection.

Recordings WebRTC Meetup Barcelona 2016 (Video)

Mar 10 2016
Recordings of the talks at a WebRTC meetup in Barcelona, in two parts.

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