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RealTimeWeekly #119


07 Mar RealTimeWeekly #119

Real Time Weekly: March 7th 2016

We’ve got a couple of cool Twilio tutorials this week for Video and SMS, plus a WebRTC API from RingCentral, the Raspberry Pi3, another great WebRTC webinar, WebSockets, and an IoT/WebRTC presentation from yours truly!

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This week’s Real-Time news

Building a simple websockets server from scratch in Ruby

Starr Horne, Honeybadger
Feb 18 2016
If you’ve ever been curious about how WebSockets works behind the API you normally use, this post provides an interesting tutorial on building a WebSockets server from scratch.

iOS and Web Browser Video Calls with Python and Swift

Matt Makai, Twilio
Feb 29 2016
In this excellent tutorial, Matt takes us through building a Twilio video app for web and iOS.

IoT and WebRTC – presentation at WebRTC Boston

Arin Sime,
Mar 1 2016
WebRTC Boston was a great event, thanks to @ChadWallaceHart of for putting it together. I enjoyed being part of it, and here is a summary of my talk and slides about the coming intersection of IoT and WebRTC.

WebRTC Q&A Highlights – Session #2

Amir Zmora, The New Dialtone
Mar 1 2016
Amir, Dan Burnett and Alex Gouaillard had an excellent webinar last week on the latest updates from WebRTC standardization groups, as well as discussions of video codes, WebRTC broadcasting, and mobile WebRTC development. Worth a read and a watch!

Raspberry Pi 3 Is Here, but Is It a Worthy Successor?

Alex Udanis, All About Circuits
Feb 29 2016
I ordered a Raspberry Pi 3 this week and I’m excited to get it soon and experiment with it. In this article, Alex provides a little insight on the new features and performance boosts it offers. Hooray for built-in Wifi!

RingCentral opens its WebRTC API to developers

Frederic Lardinois, TechCrunch
Mar 3 2016
RingCentral is opening up a beta API for connecting WebRTC with their VOIP service. You have to apply for the beta, and a link is included in the article.

Build A Weather By SMS Service With Twilio and NodeJS

Isaiah Grey,
Mar 2 2016
This tutorial provides a good way to learn how to use the Stamplay backend for APIs and Twilio’s SMS API for text messaging. 

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