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RealTimeWeekly #118


29 Feb RealTimeWeekly #118

Real Time Weekly: February 29th 2016

Lots of content this week on live streaming with WebRTC, plus tutorials on Python and WebSockets, Raspberry Pi, WebRTC monitoring, and PubNub.  

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This week’s Real-Time news

Tracking active visitors with Google Analytics and Raspberry Pi in real-time

Christoph Rumpel
Feb 20 2016
A fun project with Raspberry Pi and PubNub to integrate notifications when your site has new visitors. 

The Future of WebRTC Live Broadcast

Tsahi Levent-Levi,
Feb 18 2016
Tsahi points out that most WebRTC broadcast solutions only use WebRTC for the broadcaster, not the viewers. The technologies used by viewers adds a latency that Tsahi discusses will need to go away in the future.

Plotting ISS in Real Time With Mapbox

Anmol Agrawal, PubNub
Feb 19 2016
Not sure if that moving star in the sky is an alien or the International Space Station? This fun project from PubNub shows you how to build a real time map that proves it’s not aliens watching you, just astronauts. 

WebRTC Live Streaming: Why latency is important.

Chris Allen, Red5
Feb 18 2016
Technical commentary on the protocols for streaming live video, including WebRTC. Also references the post from Tsahi in this issue about live streaming.

Why End-to-End Monitoring for WebRTC is Critical

Varun Singh and Lasse Lumiaho,
Feb 22 2016
WebRTC applications require some unique performance monitoring that is different than your typical web application. This post goes over the metrics you should look for and how Callstats helps.

RSCONF: WebRTC from Zero to Hero (Video)

6-FromZero toHero
Gabriel Mičko, Rolling Scopes Conference
Feb 20 2016
Nice overview of WebRTC covering all levels of the stack.

How to Build real-time data visualization with D3, Crossfilter, and Websockets in Python by example

Benjamin M. Brown
Feb 22 2016
Comprehensive tutorial with code examples in Python, using tornado and D3.js.

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