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RealTimeWeekly #117

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22 Feb RealTimeWeekly #117

Real Time Weekly: February 2nd 2016

In this week’s issue, we have analysis of VP9 in Chrome from Tsahi, Firebase screencasts, IoT Smart Parking Apps from PubNub, and some great TADHacks from Tokyo! 

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This week’s Real-Time news

TADHack Japan Prizes (Demo Videos)

Alan Quayle, TADHack
Feb 14 2016
TADHack held their first event in Tokyo and had some great telecom hackathon entries. Hacks included mashups for, Skyway, and Telestax.  The article link above shows the hackathon winner’s presentations, but Alan has also posted a summary of Day 1 with videos from the sponsors giving an overview of their products (, and additional video pitches from the event (

IoT Enabled Smart Parking Meter

Shyam Purkayastha, IBM Bluemix Dev blog
Jan 6 2016
Using IBM Bluemix and PubNub, Shyam gives a technical tutorial of how to build a parking meter app. The app uses Arduino to detect if a car is in the space, and a mobile app for drivers to find parking spaces. It’s all put together into a pretty cool prototype.  The IBM Bluemix part is for the cloud based parking space management server.

Will your WebRTC service cope with VP9?

Tsahi Levent-Levi, testRTC
Feb 10 2016
Tsahi shows the impact that the VP9 codec has in Chrome, over the VP8 codec, using analysis from the testRTC tool. 

Firebase and Android – Firecasts #1 (Video)

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 10.06.40
David East, Firebase Developer Advocate
Feb 16 2016
In this first edition of a continuing screencast series, David shows how to use the Firebase real time database with Android apps. Upcoming episodes will include iOS and Web topics as well.

Using WebRTC and React to build a basic chat server

Jani Hartikainen, Code Utopia
Feb 6 2016
This WebRTC chat example focuses only on using the DataChannel for relaying text messages between chat participants.
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