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RealTimeWeekly #115


08 Feb RealTimeWeekly #115

Realt Time Weekly: February 8th 2016

This week we have some interesting WebRTC announcements from the Chrome team (Recording!), a Websockets presentation, IoT articles and architecture, and UX for voice interaction with devices.

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This week’s Real-Time news

Voice Interaction UX: Brave New World…Same Old Story

Kathryn Whitenton, Nielsen Norman Group
Jan 31 2016
Very interesting article about the interaction differences between Siri and the Amazon Echo. In short they both have their pros and cons but generate significantly different user experiences. 

A Reference Architecture for the Internet of Things

Daniel Karzel, Hannelore Marginean, Tuan-Si Tran, InfoQ
Jan 29 2016
The authors take the IoT-A reference architecture and show a more concrete implementation of an IoT architecture. First in a 2 part series.

IoT Realized – The Connected Car v2 (Presentation)

Phil Berman, Michael T Minella, InfoQ
Jan 30 2016
The authors present a Spring XD application for streaming data from a moving car in real-time, to produce fuel efficiency estimates and other data.

Record audio and video with MediaRecorder

Sam Dutton, Google Developers
Feb 2 2016
How to record audio and video with WebRTC in Chrome’s latest release.

VP9 is now available in WebRTC

Sam Dutton, Google Developers
Feb 2 2016
Example of difference between Vp8 and VP9, and how to set your code to use VP9 as the encoder

Building a Video/Audio Chat Web App with WebRTC

Mircea Diaconescu,
Jan 20 2016
A nice introductory tutorial on WebRTC for voice and the DataChannel, using Node.js and Websockets for signaling.

Websocket presentation at BocaJS

Damian Montero, BocaJS
Feb 2 2016
Recording from a conference talk on websockets, with code and application examples.

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