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RealTimeWeekly #113


25 Jan RealTimeWeekly #113

Real Time Weekly: January 25th 2016

I definitely recommend you check out the WebRTCStandards webinar recording listed below, there’s lot of good stuff in there. In addition, this week we also have content on stream oriented computing, Arduino, WebRTC, Raspberry Pi and more!

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This week’s Real-Time news

Raspberry Pi Zero Real Time Sensor Dashboard

Omer Dawelbeit,
Jan 16 2016
Very thorough tutorial with code, circuit schematics and demo video which combines Google App Engine and Raspberry Pi Zero to make a real time sensor dashboard.

Creating a Realtime Voting System on Apple Watch

pubnub-apple watch-2
Sergey Mamontov, PubNub blog
Jan 18 2016
Cool tutorial showing how to stream real time notifications to an apple watch over watchOS and PubNub.

WebRTCStandards Live Session #1

Amir Zmora and Dan Burnett, WebRTCStandards,info
Jan 21 2016
A new webinar series where they take Q&A about the latest WebRTC standards and questions. This is information packed. Among other topics, they cover WebRTC broadcast architectures and ORTC.

Networks get smarter with stream oriented computing

Josh Marinacci, Embedded Computing
Dec 21 2015
Interesting commentary from PubNub about how analyzing your data in stream will allow for scalable computations against large data sets in real time.

WebRTC State of the Market: End of 2015

Tsahi Levent-Levi,
Dec 30 2015
I missed this while still in my holiday vacation fog, but Tsahi made a nice infographic about the WebRTC market and major milestones in 2015.

Does telephony matter if no one talks to each other anymore?E

Chad Hart, Medium
Jan 18 2016
Chad goes through some very interesting analysis about how traditional telephony has peaked but non traditional communications like video chat and WebRTC are very much on the rise. He also has some interesting ideas about Real Time Communications and IoT.

How to Create a Smart Device With Arduino and Node.js Using PubNub

Tomomi Imura, Tutsplus Tutorials
Jan 18 2016
Not comfortable with the Arduino Sketch language? This tutorial shows how to control a device from an Arduino using the more familiar javascript of Node.js.

Firefox and the Web Speech API

Chris Mills, Mozilla Hacks
Jan 21 2016
This tutorial walks you through the SpeechRecognition and SpeechSynthesis API’s for Firefox and Chrome, and includes a cool demo for both.

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