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RealTimeWeekly #111


11 Jan RealTimeWeekly #111

Real Time Weekly: January 11th 2016

It’s been a while since our last issue, but we are well rested from the holidays and ready to keep you up to date with the latest and greatest tutorials and news around real time technologies! Today’s issue has content from the last few weeks covering WebRTC and Web Sockets.

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This week’s Real-Time news

5 Reasons you should have a Real-Time API

Phil Leggetter, Pusher Blog
Dec 2015
Let’s start off the articles this year with a reminder of the value of real-time!

Introducing the Annotation Widget in Beta

Meeta Dash, TokBox
Dec 14 2015
Ever wanted to draw on the screen during a video conference? Now you can with the Annotation Widget for OpenTok.

Surviving Mandatory HTTPS in Chrome

Xander Dumaine, webrtcH4cKS
Dec 17 2015
As of Chrome 47, HTTPS connections are required in order to get access to GetUserMedia and the camera. Xander provides tips for dealing with this in development and deployment environments.

How to Use RethinkDB with Node.js Applications

Jay Raj, Sitepoint Tutorials
Dec 16 2015
RethinkDB is a database built for real-time web applications, and this comprehensive tutorial will get you up and running quickly.

Learn WebRTC: Build a Real Time Tic-Tac-Toe

Kevin Gleason, Tutorials
Dec 16 2015
Kevin shows us how to build a real time game with WebRTC, all using PubNub.

Discovering Voxbone’s WebRTC SDK 2.0

Sacha Nacar, Voxbone
Jan 3 2016
This tutorial shows you how to connect Voxbone’s WebRTC API with their SIP service to connect browsers and traditional telephones.

Ideas for WebRTC Implementation

Nikolai Bezruk, InfoQ
Jan 3 2016
Nikolai takes us through the basics of WebRTC and his experiences using Kurento to record streams to Amazon servers.

How to send/receive calls in your Android app using AT&T Enhanced WebRTC

Andrea Morton, AT&T Developer Blog
Jan 2 2016
Tutorial takes you through the complete process to use AT&T’s WebRTC API on Android devices.

TokBox New Release: OpenTok iOS & Android 2.7.0

Eleanor Hermon, TokBox
Jan 5 2016
The updates include functionality for automatic reconnection of calls, customization of video resolution, and network statistics among others.

Build a Web App with Backbone.js and Socket.IO

Igor Ribeiro Lima
Jan 6 2016
The example app in this tutorial is a graph visualization of data across users with WebSockets. Complete code available.

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