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RealTimeWeekly #110


14 Dec RealTimeWeekly #110

Welcome to the last issue of RealTimeWeekly for 2015! We’re going to take a few weeks off from reading blog posts in order to spend time with family and rejuvenate. We’ll be back on January 11th with another year of RealTimeWeekly! In the meantime, you’re welcome to still send us updates about any content you’d like to see in an upcoming issue!

We’ve got a series of posts and videos from Pusher in this issue on building real-time applications, plus analysis with WebAudio API and some modules for offline database synchronization.

As always, if you have tips, event announcements, or suggestions, please contact me directly at

Thanks for reading!
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This week’s Real-Time news

Tools, Tips & Techniques for Developing Real-Time Web Apps (Video)

Phil Leggetter, Future of Web Apps London 2015
Nov 21 2015
Excellent presentation giving an overview of building real time web applications. Phil has given a number of other excellent talks recently too that you should check out:

Real-Time Web Apps & Symfony: What are your options? (Video)

Updated: Real-Time Web Apps in 2015 & Beyond (Video)

Overview: “It has been possible to instantly push information from a web server to a web browser for around 15 years, but it’s 2015 and real-time web technology has been mainstream for a while thanks to the experiences offered by applications like Twitter, Facebook, Uber, Google Docs and the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT). Technology advancements have also played their part with raw technology improvements such as WebSockets, and solutions like Socket.IO, SignalR, Faye, Firebase and Pusher. In this talk I’ll cover the past, present and future of real-time communication technology, the real-time web and provide a number of use cases and demonstrations of how the technology is actually used today (it’s not just chat and spaceship games).”

Building realtime collaborative offline-first apps with React, Redux, PouchDB and WebSockets

Pedro Teixeira, YLD Software Blog
Nov 30 2015
Intro to a series of modules that the author built. These modules use PouchDB and WebSockets and allow for database synching when connecting, and so you can still build a real-time-ish app that doesn’t rely on connectivity.

Exploring Real-time Apps with Angular 2

Jack Franklin, Pusher blog
Nov 2015
Using the developer preview of Angular 2, this shows you how to integrate publish/subscribe patterns with Pusher into your application.

Shut up! Monitoring audio volume in getUserMedia

Philipp Hancke, webrtcH4cKS
Dec 10 2015
Using the Web Audio API and Fast Fourier Transformations (there’s a phrase I haven’t used in years), Philipp shows how he helped Chris Kranky produce an app to see how much time you spend listening versus talking on a call.

Discovering Real-Time Data in Your Apps

Phil Leggetter, Pusher
Dec 2015
First in a series of posts on discovery of real-time data, it provides an overview of events in real-time applications. The next post covers what to do with that data, and how to build real-time features for your users.

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