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RealTimeWeekly #108


30 Nov RealTimeWeekly #108

This week is a buffet of articles and tutorials covering TADSummit, WebRTC congestion, Peer to Peer Chat with Node.js, Raspberry Pi, WebAudio and more!

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This week’s Real-Time news

TADSummit 2015 Summary

Alan Quayle, TAD
Nov 22 2015
Alan summarizes and provides links to talks from the recent TADSummit in Lisbon. If you’re interested in the TADHack events for next year, you should also check out their new TADMentor program.

Your OpenWebRTC calls are now congestion controlled

Zaheduzzaman Sarker, Daniel Lindström, Ingemar Johansson and Robert Swain, Ericsson Research
Nov 24 2015
The Ericsson team introduces ‘SCReAM’, or “Self-clocked Rate Adaptation for Multimedia”, for congestion control of WebRTC media traffic.

4 Reasons Vendors Neglect Testing WebRTC Services

Tsahi Levent-Levi,
Nov 19 2015
In short, there are many reasons people don’t properly test WebRTC apps, but you should not be one of those people. Includes a link to a webinar recording on

How to write a P2P chat app in Node.js (Video)

Mathias Buus, OpBeat
Nov 26 2015
Recording of a presentation from a noted Node.js developer.

3 Essential UX considerations when initiating or joining a call via WebRTC

Lynn Fisher, AT&T Community blog
Nov 23 2015
Part of a continuing series of very good posts on the UX of WebRTC.

Raspberry, Arch Linux, NodeJS and the LED

Alexander, MakerBlog
Nov 19 2015
A simple starter demo for controlling LED’s from a Raspberry Pi.

Creating Fun and Immersive Audio Experiences with Web Audio

David Rousset, SitePoint
Nov 19 2015
Very good overview and sample code for the Web Audio API and how the author applied it to a game.

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